Lessons and Rates

1 hour lesson $65.00
2 hour lesson $120.00
6 hour lesson package
includes use of car for road test
10 hour lesson package
includes use of car for road test
60 minute warm up and use of car for road test $105.00
Existing clients: Use of car for road test only $45.00

All prices include taxes
Custom driving packages available.

Each lesson is personal, one-to-one in-car training, 60 minutes in duration, minimum 50 minutes of actual driving time. Lesson packages, by mutual agreement, may extend beyond 60 minutes, up to 90 minutes which would be considered 1 and 1/2 lessons. Occasionally, for efficiency, the time may be less than an hour (e.g. 45 minutes) and will be considered 3/4 of a lesson. Shorter lessons will usually be made up in subsequent sessions.

Fees are to be paid in full (cash or cheque) on the first lesson unless other arrangements are made. A two-payment plan can be arranged for the 6 hour and 10 hour lesson packages.  If choosing a payment plan, the first installment is required on the first lesson. Post-dated cheques should be issued to ABC Driving School and given to the instructor on the first lesson. All monies must be received or cheques not dated later than two weeks prior to the scheduled road test or the final lesson. A $40 charge will be applied to each NSF cheque. Booked lessons may be postponed.

No Show Policy
In case a student fails to show up for a scheduled lesson, a no-show fee of $40 will be applied, unless 36 hours advance notice of cancellation has been received. Some exceptions may apply at the discretion of ABC Driving School.

Refund Policy
If a student wishes to discontinue driver instruction, ABC Driving School will refund the unused portion based on the hours completed in-class and in-car, minus a $50 administration fee. The package price is no longer in effect, therefore the full amount of each lesson or hours in-class will be subtracted from the package rate.

Instructor's Discretion
If a student needs more practice time, the instructor has the right to postpone lessons and road tests.

Gift Certificates
Gift certificates must be paid in full and are refundable within a year minus a $50 administration fee.